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How important is the food I feed to my dog's health?
Do you know what ingredients are in your dog's food?
Hopefully this website will help answer these questions and will allow you to make an informed decision when purchasing dog food for your beloved pet.

All the dog owners that I know want to take good care of their pet. Our dogs are our friends who provide many years of companionship and unconditional love. In return, he relies upon you for plenty of exercise, a warm place to kip, love and attention and a diet that keeps him fit and healthy.

dog food review dogJust as what you and I eat contributes to our health, the food you feed your dog can have a significant influence on his health and happiness. He is entirely reliant on what you feed him. I hear a lot of dog owners saying that the dog food they feed must be okay as their dog looks healthy, however it can take years for a bad diet to take its toll.

By feeding your dog a better diet you are giving him the best chance of a healthy, happy, long life. The old saying "you are what you eat" also applies to your dog!

There are a bewildering number of dog foods available to buy and the choice is made harder by the labelling used on dog food. Many manufacturers use ambiguous terms for ingredients so that you cannot determine exactly what is in the bag.

An objection I hear from dog owners is that the better quality dog foods cost more. It is true that a bag of super premium dog food can be more expensive by weight. However, you must look more closely at the feeding guide and compare the daily feeding costs. Feeding super premium dog food can be cheaper than feeding low quality dog foods.

Dog food value

Dog food Ingredients?The more information you have regarding the ingredients that go into pet foods, the better the understanding you will have of the dog foods available in the UK. Your dog can't choose what he eats but you can!

Remember: Not all dog foods are created equally!

  • Why does my dog have diarrhoea?
  • How do I stop my dog scratching
  • What makes my dog so hyperactive?
  • Why is my dog lethargic? Why does my dog lack energy?
  • How do I get rid of my dog's bad breath?
  • What is causing my dog to be constipated?
  • Why is my dog's coat so dull?
  • Why is my dog overweight? Why is my dog underweight?

All these problems could be due to your dog's diet!

Many dog owners believe they are feeding the best due to big money advertising. I want to lead you down the path of discovering how the big pet food manufacturers are duping you. All we are asking is that pet food labelling is made clear, understandable and with fixed ingredients. Unfortunately this will cost the big companies in ingredient costs and with lost customers - so do you think this will happen?

Next time you're in your local supermarket I challenge you to pick up several different dog food products and take a look at the the ingredients panel. Compare the dog food brands you find in the supermarket with the brands listed on this website. A quick dog food comparision can reveal that cheaper brands are cheaper for reason!

 It is almost guaranteed that you will find at least some of the following ingredients on most pet food labels:

  • Meat and animal derivatives
  • EC permitted antioxidants / EC permitted additives
  • Ethoxiquin / BHA / BHT
  • By products of vegetable origin / derivatives of vegetable origin
  • Poultry by-products
  • Animal fat
  • Meat by-products

Do you know what these ingredients are? If not, read on..........
Pet Food Labelling

Use this website as the start and I would urge you to carry on researching - there is a wealth of information on the internet that can help you carry out a comparison of UK dog foods.

 If you would like me to add anything you think would be helpful to this cause then please either post in the forums or send me an e-mail at dog.fan@gmx.com