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This website was inspired by Simba, the golden retriever who had a problem with an itchy and scratchy coat condition. It is in my search for a solution to his problem  that lead me to learn about pet foods and the ingredients that are used to make them.

Simba has had a chronic problem with incessant scratching and itching. We had tried creams and powders from the vets, supplements and herbal remedies but nothing was working. With no obvious solutions left, a friend recommended looking at his diet as it may be due to a food intolerance.

It was then that I started researching dog food ingredients and dog food brands. It soon became apparent that Simba's problem was quite common and that there are many dogs suffering skin and coat complaints due to diet.

I have tried a few different dog food brands and have found that the itching and scratching was indeed due to an inappropriate diet. His scratching is only a very occasional occurrence and now he is a much happier and healthier dog.

Of course, not all skin & coat problems are caused by intolerances to diet but it is a very common cause and one that is very easily to change. Surely better to try a different dog food first than to apply powerful steroid creams or other medication?