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Product reviewed: James Wellbeloved lamb & rice kibble

This product is very well formulated hypoallergenic product containing wholesome ingredients. 

Free of beef, pork,soya, wheat, dairy and eggs.

The James Wellbeloved "lamb gravy" is slightly ambigous ingredient term as it doesn't have an official definition as also is the "JWB special ingredients".

It is preserved naturally with mixed tocopherolds.
James Wellbeloved is listed as manufactured in the UK although not always as I've seen a bag with a French manufactures mark.

James Wellbeloved Lamb & Rice Kibble ingredients
Rice, lamb meat meal, ground whole barley, whole linseed, lamb fat, lamb gravy, sugar beet pulp, alfalfa, soldium chloride, natural seaweed, calcium carbonate, chicory extract lysine, L-methionine, yucca extract, threonone, JWB special ingredients

Typical Analysis
Protein 20%
Fat/oil 10%
Fibre 4%
Linoleic acid (omega 6) 1.1%
Ash 8.5%

Manufacturers description
Regular feeding with lamb and rice has always been the traditional way to calm a dog’s digestion and help avoid allergic skin irritation. James Wellbeloved Lamb & Rice Kibble is a pure, natural, complete dry food of succulent lamb and brown rice. Barley is also added as a source of fibre and seaweed, alfalfa and yucca all bring health benefits.

Manufacturers details
Company name: Crown Pet Foods
Tel: 0845 300 4890

A highly recommended product that is good for dogs with intolerances.
A slight concern with the terms "gravy" and "JWB special ingredients" and also not the levels of omega-6 required in a super premium dog food.

Product has a named meat source.
"Lamb meat meal"

Product has named cereal ingredients
"Rice", "Ground whole barley"

Product has a named fat source
"lamb fat"

All products are free of artificial colours, flavourings and antioxidants.
Preserved with tocopherals.

The terms "lamb gravy" and "JWB special ingredients" are ambigous and don't really tell you what is in them